5 Grilling Safety Tips for Your 4th of July Cookout

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Celebrating 4th of July with an outdoor cookout is a long American tradition. It is a great time to get together with family and friends, enjoy the nice weather, fire up the grill and celebrate our freedom. Since grilling means you will need that propane tank that has been sitting under the grill all winter and at Noble Gas we always put safety first, we want to give you some grilling safety tips, so you can enjoy your celebration, cook delicious food and protect your loved ones from accidental fire.

1. Clean that grill

Chances are, you haven’t been able to tend to your grill lately if you haven’t used it since last Fall. Giving your grill a good scrub before you use it will not only result in a cleaner, better taste of the food you prepare on it but it will also prevent the fat and grease buildup from becoming a fire hazard.

Before you use your grill, clean up the trays and grates with a steel brush, wipe clean with wet towel and (if your time frame permits), wash and dry completely the removable components. This will prevent the buildup from catching fire when you start up the grill.

While you are at it, clean up the area around your grill as well. That would mean removing any items that are in a dangerous proximity or repositioning the grill itself if it is too close to your house/porch or another structure. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 17% of grill fires involve an item that was dangerously close to the grill. Let’s make sure that number goes down this summer- clean up!

2. Check that tank

A good rule of thumb is to always, always check your propane tank and hoses before you fire up the grill. It doesn’t matter how recently you’ve checked it. Check it again! Gas leaks and breaks are the most common reason for accidental fires that involve gas grills.

Carefully inspect your propane tank and the safety valve, make sure that vermin hasn’t chewed through your hoses or that there are no blocked tubes. It will take you five minutes but it will keep your family and friends safe.

3. Grills are for outdoors

If it’s raining and you are tempted to grill in your garage, don’t. All outdoor grills should be used exactly there – outdoors. That applies to both, gas and charcoal grills as well. Remember, keep your grill 2 feet away from any structure, vegetation, or items that can catch on fire and stay safe.


4. Stay close

Most grills come with a label “never leave grill unattended” but who reads labels anyway, right? It is an unfortunate truth that most grill related injuries involve an unattended grill and that is why we put together these grilling safety tips.

Grilling can be a social activity. Ask your friends and loved ones for help! Need to grab a beer from the fridge? Ask another adult to tend to the grill while you are gone or even better, ask for someone to grab it for you. Do not compromise safety for convenience, it never works out well.

5. Rule your safety rules

The “King/Queen of the Grill” makes the rules. If you are tending the grill, it is your responsibility to make sure everyone stays safe. Before you fire up the grill, make sure your rules are clear to everyone attending the cookout- adults, children and pets.

Most importantly, choose your rules or list of grilling safety tips wisely based on what feels safe and comfortable to you. The fact that Johnny down the street lets his kids run around the grill dragging the dog on a leash behind them doesn’t mean you should too. One third of grill related injuries involve children under the age of five. Be smart about grilling, stay safe and keep your loved ones safe too!

Using common sense and taking precautions to have a safe and fun outdoor celebration goes a long way. According to NFPA between 2009 and 2013 there were about 9,000 grill related fires, resulting in over $110 million in direct property damages, and in 2014 over 16,000 patients visited the ER because of grill related injuries.

You can prevent being part of this statistic through preparation and awareness. Noble’s got your back on the awareness part with our grilling safety tips, now go and prepare your grill for your signature ribs recipe that will be the talk of the party!

Have a fun and safe 4th of July!

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