The Noble On-Site Laboratory

Our on-site, $1.25M high-tech specialty gas laboratory allows us to locally produce high-purity gases and custom gas blends. This specialty gas lab includes a Weldcoa Digital Lab Assistant (DLA). The DLA is a revolutionary system that can be programmed to capture, sample, and record analyses simultaneously and with certainty. With this cutting-edge specialty gas lab equipment, cylinders filled on the island at the other end of the building can be analyzed in place, without taking them offline. An experienced lab technician operates the DLA from a computer interface within the lab.
All gases produced in Noble’s lab are prepared by clean-room trained technicians and come with their own Certificates of Analysis. Analyses are done using state-of-the-art instrumentation, including a DID gas chromatograph. Measurements are made against primary standards that can be directly traced back to NIST standards, ensuring accuracy. Every gas and mixture is tested and analyzed for purity, and a full purity report is provided with each delivery.
Our lab can produce custom blends of:

Special Application Gases

Noble can also supply specialized gases, including rare and exotics, cryogenics, primary standards, and calibration gases, for a variety of applications, such as: