Managing and Tracking Gas and Cylinder Use

When it comes to tracking and managing gas and cylinder use, we’ve implemented Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM), our unique cylinder inventory control system.
We track each individual cylinder, starting from the fill rack, through delivery to the customer, and the return of the cylinder back to our facility. The barcode on each cylinder is scanned upon delivery and our drivers print a transaction receipt on the spot. At the end of each month, a cylinder rental statement is generated for our customers that shows each cylinder residing on-site.
ACM allows our customers to monitor their actual cylinder usage, and supplies timely reporting that details how many cylinders are on-site and how long they’ve been there, ensuring accurate billing and the elimination of lost cylinder issues.
Benefits include:
  • Tracking System – We use the data from barcode scanning to track the date of delivery and date of return. Cylinder transactions are posted on a daily basis and are always up to date.
  • Reporting/Cost Analysis – We supply detailed reports to our customers, including rental reports, transaction histories, and cost analysis breakdowns. This enables our customers to not only track their usage but see where cost efficiency can be gained.
  • Traceability – Cylinders never get lost. The tracking system links each cylinder to the last user, so cylinders returned get credited to the account they are associated with. If a cylinder gets returned by another party, it automatically gets credited to the correct customer, reducing exposure to lost cylinder issues.