Automatic Billing & Payments AVAILABLE NOW!

bills and calculator Are you stuck deciphering a mess of bills sent to you monthly? No one enjoys getting bombarded at the end of the month with a stack of statements in the mail. Confusing billing can leave you scrambling to review paperwork and struggling to make timely payments to your account. We want to take the hassle out of billing and make everything virtually hands-free for our customers! That’s why we have created a new automatic billing and payment method that is available now!

Automatic Billing & Payments

What makes this new billing method so great? It’s all automatic! Once your account is signed up, you have entered our automatic billing cycle. Our Accounting department will request to keep a credit card on file for your account. This credit card gets charged at the end of every month for the total of that month’s invoices on your account. Our customers receive their monthly statement, rental invoice, and a credit card receipt via the email on file once payment is processed.

Questions on your account or an invoice? Not a problem! You have time to check in on your account status during the month before your payment is processed at month-end. We want to give you full visibility into your account at all times!

LIVE Account Updates that Ensure Accuracycolorful clock, time = money

Our Accounting department works closely with our Customer Service team to ensure the most accurate billing for each of our customers. However, that doesn’t mean there aren’t questions to still be asked. You will receive an email from Noble Gas Solutions with a copy of the invoice for you to review when invoices generate onto your account. This allows our customers to contact our team with any questions prior to the payment and feel confident that the amount charged at the end of the month is correct. No more waiting until the end of the month to have to deal with all the billing paperwork, you are as up-to-date on your account as our own Noble Team.

Do you have an accounting team that needs to see each individual bill? We can send out each individual invoice to multiple end users at the same time, if made aware. This saves you time and hassle, we’ll send the message out for you! Or simply designate one person as the recipient of the emailed bills and save any invoices you need to your computer for use later with your team. It is just that easy!

At the end of the month, we send you a summary of the month’s activities via email. You still receive your monthly statement and, separately, a credit card receipt stating the invoices paid. No need to fear late fees when you are never late!

Other Payment Options

If this accurate, automatic billing and payment method isn’t right for you, we do still have various other options for payment. We accept mailed checks or ACH electronic payments. You can also pay by credit card over-the-phone or by email. We can still keep a credit card saved on file for you, but take no payments until you call or email our team with authorization to do so.

Have more questions? Ready to switch your account over to automatic billing? Call us or fill out a contact form today!

Accounting Department:              (800) 328-9329 extension 1563

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If interested, don’t forget to add our automatic billing email,, to your address book/contact list  to avoid having your billing notifications sent to spam.