College’s impact helps drive growth

January 22, 2015

Albany Times Union

SUNY Polytechnic Institute’s contributions to Albany’s economy run deep. As a longtime business owner in Albany, I would suggest that discussion of SUNY Poly’s economic contribution to the city’s well-being (“Is $1.5M new or old aid?” Jan. 15) must also recognize the impact the college is having in driving investment and growth in our private sector.

My company, Noble Gas Solutions, is a perfect example. At the same time we celebrate our 75th anniversary as a fixture in downtown Albany, we are launching a new phase of growth that is a direct result of the nanotechnology economy spurred by SUNY Poly.

We invested more than $500,000 to set up a “specialized gas laboratory” – the only one of its kind in New York state – that allows us to develop, test and produce ultra-high purity gases for use by SUNY Poly and its partner companies. We have already hired new staff and anticipate hiring more.

We made this investment because it gives us a competitive edge in the industry that is shaping our future, a testament to the leadership of Gov. Andrew Cuomo and the vision of SUNY Poly’s Alain Kaloyeros. It also positions us to build on our work in other high-tech industries, from pharmaceutical to clean energy. We’re hardly alone in this regard. Companies throughout Albany, the Capital Region and the state are using this opportunity to position themselves for future growth.

We see a bright future on the horizon, and with the presence of SUNY Poly, have every confidence that Noble’s next 75 years will be even more prosperous.

J. David Mahoney


Owner, President and CEO, Noble Gas Solutions