Dewar Tracking System Evolves with Consumer Trends

Are you involved in the medical or research field? Do you purge lines or TIG weld? Maybe you own a brewery? If you said yes to any of those questions, you have probably encountered a large, silver dewar at some point in your career. Noble Gas Solutions tracks all product storage units from compressed gas cylinders to dry ice bins to bulk tank units. This tracking helps pinpoint trends in our customers’ product usage – dewar usage is rising! In order to keep up with our customers’ increasing demand for cryogenic storage dewars, our team has updated our dewar tracking system to best fill your needs.

What is a Dewar?liquid nitrogen dewars

Cryogenic storage dewars hold cryogens like oxygen, nitrogen, and helium. Dewars keep gases in their liquid state. Dewars are made up of two, or more, layers that contain a high vacuum in between layers. This system reduces the loss of product by creating a solid thermal insulation, maintaining cryogens at a much lower boiling point and ensuring product stays in its liquid state. The piping in the dewar builds pressure at the top, but keeps liquid at the bottom. A secondary tube pulls out the liquid from the bottom of the dewar for use. Dewars can come in different sizes and pressures, varying by application of product. Dewars are a great way to save space and money while storing high quality liquid products!

Medical and veterinary emergency services, research facilities, and some welding processes often use dewars. The diversity of products like liquid nitrogen, liquid helium, and liquid argon means that our dewars make it all over the Capital Region and surrounding Hudson Valley area. The increasing usage of dewars has made our Noble Team very vigilant on the dewars whereabouts, to ensure availability for all of our customers.

New Dewar Tracking System

Our new dewar tracking system is being spearheaded by our Lab & Quality Manager, Matt Reasor. The goal is to ensure every one of our customers’ needs are being filled. We know that shortages can cause delays in production – sometimes even company shutdowns! This should never be the cause of your gas supplier. This tracking system means we can guarantee you liquids without disrupting Noble operations or customer productivity.

Noble Gas Solutions has now put a daily system in place to monitor customer dewar trends. This new system will be complimenting current tracking systems in place. Our Advanced Cylinder Management system is a feature many of our customer’s value, so why not make it even better? By tracking the ordering of liquid dewars we can predict supply demand and better prepare ourselves for your needs. One of our Noble team members does a daily inventory check. This way we can ensure we have enough storage and product for upcoming delivery requests.

At Noble Gas Solutions, our product and service quality are among our top priorities. It is what makes people want to “Experience the Noble Difference”. Product shortages can get in the way of business, so we’re staying proactive with new trends and adapting to the current environment. We want to ensure our customers are happy and remaining productive. If business is good for you, it’s good for us!

Need a Dewar?

A wide variety of industries have integrated liquid dewar products into their processes. Do you have a medical practice, dermatology office, or veterinary hospital that may need assistance with dewars? Is your fabrication shop heavily TIG welding or your mechanical service purging lines? Does your lab need to expand their research grade liquids? Opening a brewery or beverage service and looking into beer gas options? Noble Gas may be the solution for you! Contact us today to see how we can fill your liquid and gas needs. We want to help you increase your business’ productivity while decreasing your cost and storage space needed. Let us you develop a solution that is custom-fit for your type of business.