Gas Packaging: Are You Losing Money?

18-cylinder pack gas packaging
Compressed Gas Cylinder Pack

Did you know that the type of gas packaging you use is critical to ensuring the stable and cost-effective supply? Packaging solutions can vary from individual cylinders, to 18-packs, to permanent bulk tanks. Finding the ideal solutions is based on your application, demand for supply, facility layout, and more. However, businesses evolve and the criteria may change over the years.

That’s why, we strongly encourage businesses to evaluate their gas usage rates on a yearly basis. This will ensure that they remain in the correct packaging size before any major disruptions occur. We have trained our Noble Team to notice the signs of an increase in gas demand. They work with businesses to verify that new usage rates are a permanent result of  increased production needs.


Is it Time for an Upgrade?

Cryogenic Liquid Dewar Packaging
Cryogenic liquid dewar. Cold steam metal pipe from liquid nitrogen.

There are a few ways to see if you are no longer in the correct gas packaging size for your production needs. Signs will vary based on the gas packaging in question. You can start by asking yourself the following questions…

  1. Are you receiving multiple gas deliveries a week?
  2. Are you requesting emergency/same-day deliveries for gas?
  3. Are you often switching out empty cylinders in the middle of production?
  4. Are your cryogenic dewars frosting up completely?
  5. Are you finding that the pipes connected to the dewars are frosting up?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, you may need to upgrade your system.


What’s the Cost to Your Business?

How does being in the incorrect gas packaging affect your business? The most obvious sign is disruption to production. The most common disruptions include the frequent need to replace gas supply, running out of gas entirely, or a malfunction in distribution equipment. A delay in production may be the clearest sign that change is needed, but it is not the only one that affects your business’ bottom line.

We find that businesses often lose profits in the following ways, without even realizing it!

  • Multiple Delivery Charges
  • Emergency Deliveries
  • Price per Molecule
  • Lost Labor Time
  • Lost Production Time

Visit our website for gas packaging options that are available. Contact our service team to discuss improvements to your gas distribution system.