Building Customer Confidence in an Auto Body Shop

These days information can be found on just about anything, and pretty much instantly. It is important to know what your customers and potential customers expect when they enter your shop. There are a few key signs that the savvy consumer looks for that could make or break a sale. Additionally, being caught guilty of some of these could lead to distrust and some scathing reviews. Knowing what your customers expect could put you into a position to drastically increase confidence and in turn, sales.

Most of the issues fall under one large umbrella “Communication”. Sharing information freely is increasingly important in trust building as internet access is readily available, and people become more likely to check-up on what they are told. The first thing a new customer will look for is a sign that you are a trustworthy shop. Certifications like AAA or ASE can go a long way in reassuring a wary shopper, so have these displayed prominently.

Another key to ease the fear of being misled is to fully explain what the issues are with a vehicle and what repair options are available and necessary. Although most customers may not understand all of the technical knowledge you convey to them, it will at least reassure them that there is a legitimate issue and give them solution options. As we are all aware a statement of “you need X replaced immediately” can lead to a hasty demand for a second opinion if no supporting information is provided.

For more information on what customers are looking for in an auto body shop click here. Keeping your customers’ confidence can lead to positive word of mouth, reviews, and more customers!