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Noble Gas Solutions is the only manufacturer of dry ice, onsite, within 150 miles of Albany, NY. We can provide dry ice to customers in Albany, as well as from our Kingston, NY location.

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Keeping It Cool

Unlike using ice as a coolant, the main benefits of dry ice are its extreme cold and that it doesn’t melt like ice made from water or frozen gels. Because it is frozen carbon dioxide (CO2), which is a gas, it sublimates, leaving no physical trace or wet puddles as it warms. This makes it ideal for many companies to use when shipping perishables, or for pharmaceutical, medical, agricultural or other applications.

It also can be used in household applications—in times of emergencies or power outages, when a refrigerator or freezer fails, or even for science projects, theater productions and special effects.

Three Sizes of Dry Ice

Dry ice is manufactured from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2), which is solidified by reducing pressure and then compressed into different shapes. Dry ice maintains a consistently low temperature—-109.3°F, requiring safety measures to be taken when handling. The denser the dry ice is, the longer it lasts. Noble Gas offers three types of dry ice and will help you select the right size for your application:

Dry Ice Solid Blocks

This shape is commonly used in shipping and storage. When compressed in a larger solid block, the dry ice takes longer to sublimate compared to smaller pellets. This results in less loss of freezing power during transit and it is much more cost effective. For example, this shape is often preferred for household use in emergency situations, during a power outage or when a refrigerator/freezer malfunction happens. Blocks of dry ice can keep food from spoiling.

Dry Ice Cylindrical Pellets

This shape is commonly used for medical and research purposes. The cylindrical pellets are ideal for packaging, transportation, and filling insulated containers for storage. The smaller size of pellets eliminates wasted space in medical and food storage containers, making it preferred by hospitals and food manufacturers, as well as general transportation companies.

Dry Ice Rice

This shape is commonly used for dry ice blasting, as well as for transportation. Companies looking for dry ice for blast cleaners or needing to cool very small storage units seek out these rice pellets. The rice pellets are the smallest commercially available form of dry ice.

Noble Gas Solutions is a distributor of Cold Jet Ice Blaster, which are used for cleaning.

Type of Dry Ice Size Application
Rice 3mm industrial cleaning
Pellets ½” x 1-6″ shipping, medical research, theatrical productions, food & beverage, metal fabrication, education
Blocks 6″x6″x10″ shipping, food & beverage, theatrical productions, education

The quantity of dry ice you will need depends on the size of your shipment and the length of time in transit. Contact a Noble representative and we’ll help you select the right size dry ice and packaging to fit your needs.

Applications and Uses

Dry Ice is Very Versatile

And can be used for many commercial and consumer applications.

It’s ideal for:

  • Pharmaceutical Companies
  • Medical Labs/Biomedical Research Facilities
  • Food and Beverage Shipping
  • Manufacturing
  • Metal Fabrication
  • Scientific and Chemical Research
  • Mechanical Interference Fit
  • Entertainment and Decoration
  • Consumers

It can be used for:

  • Shipping – Use dry ice to ship medical products, or food and other perishables.
  • Food and Beverage – Dry ice can be used to flash-freeze food or ice cream and can be used in times of emergencies to keep food from spoiling.
  • Metal Fabrication – Use dry ice to chill and shrink parts for ease of removal and fitting.
  • Industrial Blast Cleaning – Uses compressed air to shoot out dry ice for heavy duty cleaning with no byproduct.
  • Asphalt and Concrete Cooling – Used as a cooling agent, it speeds asphalt and concrete cooling.
  • Education– Make that science project really exciting by using dry ice in your experiment.
  • Theater Productions– Spooky, fog-like effects can be made with dry ice.
  • Emergency Power Outages – Keep your perishables from going bad while in the midst of a power outage.

Be sure to follow these Safety and Handling Guidelines

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