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Noble Gas Solutions is the only manufacturer of dry ice, onsite, within 120 miles of Albany, NY. We offer delivery services for high-volume users, and pick-up is welcome at our Albany and Kingston, NY locations. Our dry ice meets the highest quality standards and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

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Dry Ice

Dry Ice is the perfect solution for a range of industries including courier services, food packaging, and medical research. Unlike ice made from water or frozen gel, dry ice does not leave behind puddles or other traces as it warms. This makes it a preferred option among businesses that deal in medicine, pharmaceuticals, agriculture, industrial cleaning, and food & beverage. Whether you’re packing a cooler with dry ice for a weekend getaway or using dry ice as a mosquito trap, Noble Gas Solutions can provide for your needs.

We manufacture dry ice daily in Albany, NY. This allows us to offer fresh, high-quality products that only your local dry ice supplier can commit to. Our quality control system ensures you receive exactly what you need by using a first-in, first-out rotation process that reduces the effects of sublimation before it arrives at your door. Our dry ice meets the highest quality standards and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility. Noble Gas Solutions produces Food Grade dry ice to meet your requirements for food manufacturing, processing, and packaging needs.

Looking to pick-up dry ice? No paperwork is needed to pick-up dry in store. All customers are welcome to purchase dry ice directly with a counter representative. Looking to receive a delivery of dry ice for commercial use? Contact us to schedule a delivery.

Whether you need large dry ice blocks, small pellets, or fine rice, Noble Gas Solutions has you covered! Learn more about dry ice solutions we offer and safe handling tips. Check out our dry ice FAQ for more information, give us a call, or order fresh dry ice today!

What Is Dry Ice?

Dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide (CO2). It is manufactured from liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) which solidifies by reducing the pressure and compressing it into different shapes and sizes. It maintains a consistently low temperature of -109°F and must be handled with caution.

Dry ice leaves no physical trace or wet puddle as it warms, unlike regular ice or gel packs. This is due to the fact that it does not melt, it sublimates. The denser the dry ice, the longer it lasts. Dry ice skips the liquid phase and goes straight into a gaseous CO2. Its lack of residual waste and freezing temperatures makes dry ice the ideal cooling agent for shipping and storing perishables.

Sizes Available

Noble Gas Solutions offers several types of dry ice and will help you select the best fit for your application. It is recommended to store dry ice in well-insulated containers to slow the sublimation process and reduce product loss. Noble Gas Solutions offers different sized storage containers for higher volume needs. Our dry ice meets the highest quality standards and is manufactured in an FDA registered facility.

You can pick-up dry ice at a Noble Gas location near you. In a hurry? Contact us ahead of time to have your order ready for you upon arrival.

Dry Ice Blocks

Blocks are available in three different sizes to fit your application. Due to the density of a block, it will last longer and is recommended when the application will occur over a longer period of time. Storing dry ice in a well-insulated container ensures that minimal product is lost when not in use.

Dimensions Weight
5.5″ x 10″ x 2″ 5LB
5.5″ x 10″ x 4″ 10LB
5.5″ x 10″ x 6″ 15LB

Dry Ice Pellets

Cylindrical pellets work similarly to packing peanuts and are the most popular form of dry ice for our customers. Pellets are ideal for tight spaces as it eliminates any wasted space in a container. This makes them the preferred dry ice product by hospitals, food manufacturers, and transportation services.

Dimensions: ½” x 1-6″

Dry Ice Rice

Fine rice is the smallest commercially available form of dry ice. This dry ice product is often used in very small storage units for cooling and transportation. It is also the best product to use when dry ice blasting, or blast cleaning.

Dimensions: 3mm

Choose Your Local Dry Ice Supplier

Noble Gas Solutions manufacturers dry ice daily in our Albany, NY facility. Save money by choosing to source dry ice directly from your local supplier. Reduced transportation time means higher quality product, minimal product lost in delivery, and a faster turnaround time for your order. Fresh is Best! Our local customer service will ensure you receive the superior service and support. Dry ice is sold in stores for pick up or contact us to schedule your next delivery. Noble Gas Solutions is your single source supplier for dry ice, gas, and gas equipment.

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