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Noble offers a comprehensive line of medical pure and mixed gases for human consumption. Our state of the art fill plant and quality assurance practices ensure accuracy when filling cylinders for our medical customers.

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Providing for the Medical Industry

Noble is your trusted medical gas supplier, providing a comprehensive product line of gas mixes and blends for a wide range of applications used in medical and laboratory settings.

We are an FDA registered and inspected facility. We manufacture all our medical and drug grade products in strict compliance with the FDA Good Manufacturing Practice regulations.

Our state-of-the-art fill plant and quality assurance practices ensure accuracy when filling cylinders for our medical customers. We have a wide-range of medical grade gas solutions available to customers across the medical industry. Noble is committed to the delivery of innovative products and services that keep pace with the constantly changing healthcare environment.

Medical Gas Gauges

Product We Supply

  • Medical Gases
  • Medical Mixtures & Blends
  • Cryogenic Liquids
  • Medical Freezers
  • Portable Gas Packages
  • Fixed Gas Packages

Medical Gas Equipment

  • Bulk Storage Solutions
  • Piping Installation and Consulting
  • Medical Grade Regulators
  • Gas Manifold Systems
  • Electronic Gauges Consulting
  • Gas Carts & Storage

Medical Gas Services

  • Site Management Services and Remote Monitoring
  • 24/7 Emergency Repair Service
  • Safety Training
  • Consulting

Innovations for the Medical Industry

Medical Gas Cylinder Fill RackInnovative Complementary Medical Equipment

Noble sells a wide array of innovative complementary medical equipment, including:

  • Portable “All-in-One” Cylinder + Regulator Breathing-oxygen Packages
  • Oxygen Concentrators
  • Medical Equipment, such as:
    • Regulators & Flowmeters
    • Transfill Equpiment
    • Manifold Systems
    • Cylinder Carts, Racks, Stands, Bags
    • Quick Connects, Fittings & Gauges

Cryogenic Equipment

Noble handles a variety of N2 cryogenic equipment for the medical industry. Portable dewar containers, dispensing equipment, freezers, transfer hoses and fittings, and cryogenic safety items.

Pure Gases for Medical Use

Medical Air

  • Breathing quality Grade: USP (U. S. Pharmacopeia)
    • Medical air is actually a high purity, synthetic mixture of the gases of nitrogen and oxygen.
    • Contains not less than 19.5% and not more than 23.5% by volume oxygen.
  • Medical Applications: Respiratory therapy; humidity treatments using nebulizers.

Medical Grade Carbon Dioxide

  • Chemical formula: CO2 Grade: USP (U. S. Pharmacopeia)
  • Medical Applications: For close-to-physiologic atmospheres for the operation of artificial organs; in cryosurgery with insufflators during laparoscopic surgery; and as a component in a mixture of oxygen or air as a respiratory stimulant to promote deep breathing. Cylinders with a full length educator tube to permit withdrawal of liquid phase product are available on request.

Medical Grade Helium

  • Chemical Formula: He Grade: USP (U. S. Pharmacopeia)
  • Medical Applications: As a component of breathing mixtures to reduce the density of mixtures and thus facilitate breathing under certain physical and physiological conditions.

Medical Grade Nitrogen

  • Chemical Formula: N2 Grade: NF (National Formulary)
  • Medical Applications: As a component in many gas mixtures; as a displacement medium for sterile equipment; as a non-oxidizing displacement medium in pharmaceutical vials; as a propellant in pressurized aerosol type dispensers; as a coolant for carbon dioxide surgical lasers; and a source of pneumatic pressure to power gas operated medical devices.

Medical Grade Nitrous Oxide

  • Chemical Formula: N2O Grade: USP (U. S. Pharmacopeia)
  • Medical Applications: As an analgesic often in combination with other agents for anesthesia. Nitrous Oxide is also used in cryosurgery.

Medical Grade Oxygen

  • Chemical Formula: O2 Grade: USP (U. S. Pharmacopeia)
  • Medical Applications: Used in first-aid treatment of emergencies such as suffocation and heart attacks; in the treatment of patients with respiratory disorders; in anesthesia; and in hyperbaric oxygen chambers for the treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning and gas gangrene; and for other specialized oxygen therapies.

Mixtures and Special Application Gases

Mixtures and Blends

Noble Gas can provide many customized medical blends. These are controlled-purity gases that are optimized for various specific applications.

Therapy Mixtures

  • Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen
  • Oxygen/Helium

Lung Diffusion Mixtures

  • Carbon Monoxide/Helium/Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide/Neon/Oxygen
  • Carbon Monoxide/Methane/Oxygen

Blood Gases/Incubation Mixes

  • Carbon Dioxide/Nitrogen
  • Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen
  • Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide/Oxygen
  • Nitrogen/Carbon Dioxide/Hydrogen

Special Application Gases

Sterilization Gases

Ethylene oxide-based sterilant gases are used in the sterilization of a variety of medical devices, surgical equipment and similar materials used in the healthcare industry.

Liquid Nitrogen

Liquid nitrogen is used in dermatology for freezing skin anomalies, and in the medical research industry for freezing and storage of biological samples.

Liquid Helium

Liquid helium is used to cool Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines.

We work for you!

Noble Gas Solutions Icons

Noble has extensive experience supplying high-quality medical-grade gases and equipment to a wide variety of medical professionals and associated medical facilities. If you are in the business of caring for the health of others, we can help you!

Some of the most common applications we service:

  • Anesthesia
  • Respiratory Therapy
  • Diagnostic
  • Cryotherapy
  • Cooling of Magnets in Magnetic Resonance
  • Tomographs
  • Laser Applications
  • Medicinal Baths
  • Surgery Operation of Medical Devices
  • Analgesia, and many more!

We will partner with you every step of the way; from the initial consultation, to gas delivery, through planning and installation, and assembly and maintenance of supply systems. Noble Gas Solutions offers a comprehensive service package from a single source that fits the needs of your facility.

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