Propane Safety: Handling and Transporting Small Cylinders

As the weather warms up so do the grills! Propane cylinders should be handled with caution to ensure a safe and enjoyable time for you and your guests. Follow these simple steps to provide a safe environment.

Transportation and Storage

When transporting cylinders, always ensure they are secured and sitting upright. Do not leave your propane cylinder in a hot vehicle. Once you have reached your destination, cylinders should be removed from the vehicle and stored in a safe area. Propane cylinders should always be stored outdoors and away from the house. Always avoid storing the cylinder from areas that reach high temperatures. Keep it away from any heat source.

Leak DetectionPropane Cylinder Valve

It is important to check for gas leaks in your propane system. Follow these quick and easy steps to check for leaks.

  1. Connect the cylinder to your grill.
  2. Spray the connection point with soapy water.
  3. Slowly open the valve and check for bubbles.
  4. If bubbles appear, close the valve, tighten the cylinder connection, and try the test again.

If the solution does not bubble, you have passed the leak detection test. Need a cylinder? Propane cylinders can be purchased, filled, or rented at any Noble Gas location.