Remote Telemetry: Savings for Your Business

Remote Telemetry Dashboard

Are you uncertain of the product levels in your cylinder or gas pack? Are you stopping in the middle of a project to switch out a suddenly empty gas cylinder or liquid dewar? Telemetry can prevent disruption in your operations, saving you time and money. Remote telemetry offers the ability to accurately read product levels, track usage, and optimize gas delivery.

Take control of your gas supply by customizing features that align with your production needs. Set minimum product levels that trigger email alerts to be sent to the designated contacts. Schedule a replacement order or request automatic deliveries from your gas supplier. Streamline your gas supply and make ordering hassle-free. Remote telemetry provides seamless communication between the end user, your purchasing department and your gas supplier.

Telemetry units provide valuable data for your business while maintaining a small footprint. The user-friendly dashboard provides insight on product levels and historical usage rates. This data allows you to more efficiently calculate project costs, allocate budgetary spend, and pinpoint unnecessary product loss.

Benefits of Remote Telemetry

  • Reduced Delivery Costs – Set product level alerts to reduce the risk of running out of product and paying additional fees for an emergency order. Receive your replacement order when you need it and not a minute later.
  • Improved Budgetary Spend – Use the historical usage rates to calculate the amount of product spend necessary to complete your project and plan for future ones.
  • Product Level Accuracy – Receive live updates of product levels on a desktop or mobile-friendly dashboard. Set custom alerts to be notified once minimum product levels have been reached.
  • Data-Driven Project Planning – Analyze usage rates to assist in planning budgetary spend and timelines of upcoming projects.

Sensors Measure Levels, then communicates with wireless Gateway, then shows data on Pulsa Dashboard

Remote telemetry equipment is available for all gas packaging options provided by Noble Gas Solutions. Not sure if Remote Telemetry is the right fit for you? Read about the gas monitoring solutions available, including remote and digital options. Contact us for more information.