Specialty Gas Lab meets National Standards

Purity Plus: Specialty Gas LogoNoble Gas Solutions is proud to be affiliated with Purity Plus® Specialty Gases through the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative, Inc., (IWDC). This partnership allows Noble Gas to provide specialty gases and gas blends that meet national quality standards. A nationally approved quality of gas from your local gas supplier, it’s the best of both worlds!

What is Purity Plus?

Purity Plus® is a national brand established through the IWDC in 2005. The brand has established best methods for local independent gas suppliers, that provides quality and safety assurance across the nation. Each gas supplier’s laboratory must meet Purity Plus’s stringent standards and most meet a minimum of ISO 17025 accreditation. Noble Gas Solutions meets ISO 17025 accreditation and continues to develop superior products in our specialty gas laboratory located in Albany, NY. To ensure all products are consistent and top quality, all specialty gas producers must pass ongoing audits.

What Purity Plus means for Specialty Gas Users?Purity Plus Specialty Gas Cylinders

By joining the Purity Plus® brand, Noble Gas Solutions is able to provide our customers with specialty gases that meet nationwide standards, while maintaining our local relationships and customer service. Our customers can feel confident that they are receiving product of the same quality of a national company, while dealing with a local company. Customers can avoid an impersonal call center, lack of demographic knowledge, or an extended lead time for products by choosing your local gas supplier with a Purity Plus® accreditation.

Purity Plus® allows us to supply an array of research-grade gases, high-purity gases and gas blends to our customers without production delays or costs added. Noble Gas Solutions has a large inventory of specialty, medical, research grade cylinders readily available for our customers. Purity Plus® allows our company to reach a purity of 99.999% in gases like Oxygen, Helium, and Hydrogen. We supply high-purity gases and gas blends for a variety of research, analytical and hi-tech production applications across industries.

Interested in what gases we have to offer? Explore our online catalogue here. For more information or to place an order please contact us . We’re proud to be serving our local Capital Region and Hudson Valley community for over 75 years.