Cylinder Management: Benefits of Barcoding

cylinder barcodeDid you know? Noble Gas uses Advanced Cylinder Management (ACM) to track its gas cylinders. This barcoding system allows us to track a cylinder from cradle-to-grave. Our team is trained to scan the cylinder to track it throughout its life cycle. This provides Noble Gas with full visibility into the location, and the history of any particular cylinder.


Benefits of Cylinder Barcoding

  • Increased Billing Accuracy – Never doubt a rental bill again! This tracking gives visibility into the total cylinders at your location(s), broken down by gas type and cylinder size. By scanning the barcode upon delivery, then pick-up, our customers are confident they are receiving accurate billing statements. Noble Gas customers are only paying rent for the amount of days it was on-site because the system knows exactly when it was delivered and picked up.
  • Reduced Delivery Time – ACM delivers your cylinders faster! By scanning the cylinders, our drivers are loading trucks and checking out within minutes. This means you no longer have to worry about slowing your own production because of a delay in gas delivery. This system more easily allows our drivers to make quick and accurate deliveries.
  • Minimized Room for Error – By scanning cylinders through the production process, we’re checking the cylinder every step. This prevents cylinders from skipping a station, potentially impacting end users. Our customers are confident that they are receiving the right product because it was checked time and time again, from our fill plant to their front door.
  • Higher Quality Assurance – We are able to quickly pull a potentially compromised cylinder from our cylinder inventory. ACM allows us to easily locate, test, and take a cylinder out of service, without risk of it being put back in circulation.

Scanned Barcode

There are quite a few benefits from using Advanced Cylinder Management system for our inventory. While there are many benefits of ACM for Noble, it’s the positive impact for our customers that make this system vital to production. This system is just one way Noble Gas uses innovation to improve the Noble Experience. If you would like to learn more about our Advanced Cylinder Management system visit our website.