Elements of the Week: Demos at Doane Stuart

Doane STuart students volunteering during demonstrationOur team was proud to demonstrate the power of Noble Gases during The Doane Stuart School’s Element of the Week. The students of Doane Stuart have been learning all about the periodic table and their various everyday uses. To keep the students engaged in learning, the school’s science department asked Noble Gas Solutions to demonstrate the power of the elements. We delivered with a Bang!

Saratoga-native, Matt Reasor, was happy to demonstrate how different gases are commonly used in everyday life. Having previously worked in the specialty gas lab at Noble Gas Solutions’ facility, getting students engaged in science was right up his alley. Starting with the basics, Matt demonstrated the different molecular weights of various gases, like Oxygen and Helium. The students were eager to show what they learned while being quizzed on the elements’ atomic numbers, weights, and everyday uses.

Cryogens and Dry Ice

One of the most exciting demonstrations involved liquid nitrogen and dry ice. Liquid nitrogen, a common cooling agent, is often used by pharmaceutical companies to maintain samples at below freezing temperatures. Fifteen students were given flowers to freeze in liquid nitrogen and then smash each. They stared in wonder as the flowers shattered like glass. The Noble team went on to explain the characteristics of dry ice and their value to shipping/transportation companies. While explaining the sublimation process, he inflated a balloon with dry ice, and some water, turning the solid form of CO2 straight into a gas. For some added fun, water was poured into a cooler filled with dry ice, showing it’s fog like effect. Dry ice is commonly used for special effects, and a quite a hit at holiday parties.


Controlled Hydrogen Balloon demonstrationTo close out the assembly, students eagerly awaited the reaction of a hydrogen balloon. Proving to be disastrous, zeppelins were previously inflated by hydrogen. However, a controlled demonstration showed a younger generation that some elements are not meant to be played with. Using flame resistant welding gear, Matt had the students count down with him as he brought a flame closer and closer to the hydrogen-filled balloon. Don’t try this at home.

Bang! The students of Doane Stuart were not disappointed as the reaction caused a ball of fire to encompass the balloon. Although the reaction lasted only a second, it is sure to be a lasting memory of this Element of the Week activity.

Noble Gas Solutions firmly believes in supporting education. This includes demonstrating the reactions of various elements in a science classroom, or the capabilities of equipment and filler metals in a trade program. Contact Us to coordinate a demo for your educational program. Learn how your school program can save with manufacturer educational discounts.