A Look at the Gas Industry at Purity Plus Meeting

Independent welding distributors gathered at this year’s Purity Plus event in South Carolina. The event brought companies together from coast to coast to share their knowledge, experience, and capabilities with their fellow Purity Plus distributors.

What is Purity Plus?Industry Presentation at Day 1 of Purity Plus Meeting

Purity Plus is a division of the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC). Purity Plus is a nationally recognized brand of specialty gases. Specialty gases refers to high purity compressed gases or cryogens often used in the food & beverage, pharmaceutical R&D, and medical industries among other.

In order to be a member of the Purity Plus brand, each distributor must consistently meet national standards specified by the board of directors. One requirement is each specialty gas lab must meet ISO 17025 accreditation. The rules and regulations are enforced through yearly audits to ensure the utmost care of this brand recognition.

Through this network of Purity Plus members, independent distributors can more easily supply customers with specialty gases compliant to the users needs. Check out our specialty gas catalog here for your specialty gas needs.

Purity Plus Annual Meeting 2020

This year’s annual meeting took place in Isle of Palms, South Carolina. Independent distributors listened various presentations by vendors, partners, and industry leaders. This meeting heavily focused on the Helium market, Food Packaging, CBD extraction, and Cryo-Bio. The speakers included President/CEO of Witt Food Packaging, Director of Specialty Gas Controls at ESAB, General Manager of Global Helium and Rare Gases at Air Products, and the Director of Special Products at CryoVation.

The Helium market has been causing quite the stir as of late. Experts focused on helium conservation, discussing new equipment and methods to reduce helium waste in a limited market. Carbon Dioxide (CO2) and Modified Atmospheric Packaging (MAP) gases were a hot-topic as the Food Packaging and CBD extraction industries continue to grow. Members were then presented new technology for the Cryobiology world recently being introduced into the US markets.

Distributors took the opportunity to gather more information from the industry experts and share their own experiences in their own markets. Following the presentations, distributors focused on growing their network of partners to provide the highest quality of products at reasonable costs for the end user. The meeting wasn’t all work, as members enjoyed a nicely planned Beer, Bourbon, and BBQ mixer event. Our Noble Team learned lot to improve our customers’ gas use and processes… but we had some fun doing it!

Group Photo at the mixer event at Purity Plus
Photos courtesy of Purity Plus