D.I.Y. Witch’s Brew Punch Bowl with Dry Ice

Planning the perfect Halloween party is all in the details – add a touch of dry ice to pack a punch your guests will never forget! Turn your ordinary punch bowl into a witch’s brew in minutes with these simple steps.

Boiling and Bubbling Halloween Punch with Caramel ApplesMaterials:

  • Large-width punch bowl
  • Medium-width punch bowl
  • Dry ice pellets
  • Warm water
  • Thick gloves, or tongs (safety)
  • Choice of beverage

Place the smaller bowl inside the large bowl. Fill the large bowl with warm water, approximately halfway. You don’t want to overfill the large bowl, or you risk water getting into your punch bowl when adding dry ice. Pour your beverage of choice into the smaller punch bowl. Using tongs, or thick gloves, add a few pieces of dry ice pellets in the larger bowl. Spread them out evenly to create an even fog effect. Your witch’s brew is ready to spook and serve to Halloween guests!

Tips & Tricks

Keep your dry ice in a well-insulated container when not in use to prevent it from sublimating throughout your party.

Safety Notice

Do not allow dry ice to come in direct contact with your skin, mouth, or eyes due to risk of severe frostbite. Dry ice maintains a consistently low temperature of -109°F and should be handled with thick gloves, or tongs. When dry ice sublimates it changes into carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 can lead to asphyxiation if in an enclosed area without enough ventilation.

How to Buy Dry Ice

Noble Gas Solutions manufactures dry ice every weekday. Contact us for more information or visit a location near you to pick up pellets for your party.