Re-Vamp your Witch’s Cauldron with Dry Ice

Witch and vampire brewing potionsThis Halloween party trick is simple to set-up and budget-friendly! With minimal maintenance needed, you can focus on being a great host for your spook-tacular guests. You only need three items to set-up a spooky witch cauldron; 1) a large cauldron, 2)  dry ice, and 3) hot water.


  • Witch cauldron, large
  • Dry ice pellets
  • Hot water
  • Thick gloves, or tongs (safety)

Fill your witch’s cauldron with hot water to the desired level, we recommend at least half full. Grab some tongs, or thick gloves, and lightly drop a few dry ice pellets into the cauldron. Be careful – you don’t want to splash hot water on yourself! Watch the fog effect poor out of the cauldron. The dry ice will need to be replenished throughout the night. You will notice the fog effect decreasing in thickness as the dry ice sublimates.

Tips & Tricks

The hotter the water, the thicker the fog effect. This also means the faster the dry ice will sublimate, needing to be filled again.

Keep your dry ice in a well-insulated container when not in use to prevent it from sublimating throughout your party.

Add salt to the water to decrease the rate of which its temperature changes. This will also ensure the water does not start to freeze if adding large amounts of dry ice.

Safety Notice

Do not allow dry ice to come in direct contact with your skin, mouth, or eyes due to risk of severe frostbite. Dry ice maintains a consistently low temperature of -109°F and should be handled with thick gloves, or tongs.

When dry ice sublimates it changes into carbon dioxide (CO2). CO2 can lead to asphyxiation if in an enclosed area without enough ventilation. We do not recommend having children or pets lay in or stand around the fog. The first signs of inhaling too much CO2 is often  dizziness, shortness of breath, and/or headaches.

How to Buy Dry Ice

Noble Gas Solutions manufactures dry ice every weekday. Contact us for more information or visit a location near you to pick up pellets for your party.