Marina Livermore: Leading the Team to Success

Marina on left
Jocelyn M. (left), Marina L. (right)

Meet Marina Livermore, Vice President of Finance at Noble Gas Solutions. She previously spent 3 years working in the Accounting department of a NYC based construction company. She pursued a Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and a Master’s in Education. She found a way to fulfill both passions as the head of the Finance department at Noble Gas.

Since Marina’s arrival in 2018, she has facilitated collaboration and communication focused on improving the customer experience. She started by instituting weekly meetings for her department. In these meetings, her team discusses progress on customer cases, FAQs, and reoccurring issues. These conversations have resulted in a hierarchy of cases to facilitate assignment and procedures which ensure traceability of customer cases. These changes have allowed her team to resolve customer inquiries faster and communicate the results more efficiently.

Marina strives to create a flexible work environment for her team. She believes that creating a happy and accommodating workplace creates a more dedicated team. She focuses on empowering her team through positive reinforcement and honesty. Marina takes guidance from her favorite female author, Toni Morrison, who stated “If you want to fly, you have to give up the shit that weighs you down”.

A Balanced Life

Although it may be difficult at times, having a balance between family, friends, and work is essential to leading a happy life. This is a concept Marina firmly believes in and continues to work towards. While at the office, she is dedicated to the functions of the department and aligns herself with the company’s goals. However, on her free time she enjoys natural scenery during her regular hikes and bike rides. She also enjoys being a part of a team and is a member of adult co-ed soccer and softball teams.

She brings this team spirit with her during her weekly Finance meetings. It’s important to the success of every individual in her department to work together as a team. She reminds them every week that they will “either succeed together or fail together”, which has greatly increased the team spirit within the Finance department. As the manager of a multi-generational team, she understands that life outside of work may filter in. In order to successfully manage her team, she does her best to be patient, consistent, and transparent. She tries to live according to the best advice she has received – correct what you can; learn from what you can’t.

Committed to the Community

Marina dedicates her time to improving the community, as well as her own team. It’s no surprise that Marina has a passion for educating others. This passion has translating over to mentoring the youth in her community on her spare time. She has worked closely with the St. Margaret’s School and the Center for Disability, educating others as a mentor. Being a mentor creates a support system for individuals trying striving to improve themselves.

Marina has a love for four-legged companions and volunteers weekly at the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society. She assists with feeding the animals and cleaning their cages at the center and encourages others to adopt from their local shelter. She recently adopted an Australian Cattle Dog named Franny that often pays a visit to her friends at the office.

Marina continues to inspire her team and her community. Noble Gas is proud to highlight her as one of our female leaders during this Women’s History Month.