An Investment in Technical Repair Service

Noble Gas Solutions finds great value in customer service and technical support. We know it is important for customers to have a gas supplier they can rely on. That’s why we made a $50,000 investment on a new service truck. The technical service repair team has previously been dispatched to repair cryogenic distribution systems and vaporizers. It has since expanded its repair services. Our team can now conduct bulk tank first fills and repairs through Air Products and is certified to work on gas piping through B&R Compliance.

The service truck provides a 24/7 emergency response service. Our customers can be assured that Noble Gas is there for them in a time of need. The fully stocked truck and its certified technical service team is ready for an emergency call. While Noble Gas Solutions has preventative maintenance procedures in place to prevent equipment malfunction, we are now ready to take action in case of failure. The technical service team has spent the past year completing intensive training to ensure they meet all the necessary qualifications detailed by B&R Compliance and Air Products. With additional support from a former Messer technician, the team is ready to roll out to a customer emergency.

Contact us if you are experiencing issues with your gas distribution equipment. If calling during non-business hours, you we be redirected to an emergency line for immediate support.

technical repair service truck