Going Green: Paperless Delivery and Billing

green envelopeNoble Gas Solutions is working on reducing its carbon footprint one delivery slip at a time! Throughout the past year, we’ve worked on going green. This process includes reducing the amount of non-recyclable materials used within the organization, making more eco-friendly purchasing decisions, and reducing unnecessary waste. We’re taking it a step further by reducing the amount of paper used for billing and deliveries – we’ve gone paperless!

Paperless Delivery

Our new and improved delivery system increases accuracy in delivery and timeliness of billing. Our delivery drivers have gone through intensive training on this new system to ensure the best customer experience.

How it Works

Once an order has been placed, a digital delivery slip is generated within our computer system. The delivery gets assigned to a driver, which then appears on their iPhone. When it comes time to deliver to your site, the driver scans each individual cylinder barcode and links it to your slip. This data is captured and updates the order live, with open communication between each individual phone device and our computer system. A signature will still be required upon receipt of delivery to ensure customer satisfaction with every order.


  • LIVE corrections – Is there an issue with your delivery ticket? Our trained drivers can correct it on the spot. This ensures that the delivery slip you are receiving matches exactly to the invoice you will receive.
  • Reroute on the Road – Need an emergency delivery? Our team is able to reroute the driver with a click of a mouse, increasing our flexibility in delivery. No one wants to wait around when they’re in a pinch!
  • Faster Billing – Due to the increased accuracy of deliveries, and ability to spot correct, the time between delivery and invoice is greatly reduced. Once you receive your invoice, you can be confident that it will match your delivery slip exactly, making it easier for you to review.
  • Receiving Made Easy – Delivery slips can now be emailed to the contact person of your choice so you know exactly what you received and when it was delivered. Still want a printed delivery slip? We have the option to print a simplified delivery slip that still reduces the usage of paper, while providing you with exactly what you need to complete your receiving process.

Contact our team to ensure your account is set-up for paperless delivery that meets your needs.

Paperless Billing

The Accounting team has been hard at work, reducing the amount of paper statements and invoices being sent out to customers. Through the team’s efforts, the amount of customer bills being sent out via mail has greatly reduced! This means you are spending less time sorting through cluttered mail, and more time focusing on your departmental and company goals.

Did you know you can receive invoices and statements via email?

Our team can send you invoices and statements in various ways, depending on your preference. Whether you want to receive individual invoices as they generate, or a billing packet at the end of the month – we can make it happen!

Contact us to verify your account’s settings for billing. Transitioning to paperless is simple! All we need is a valid email address and a request by you to switch to paperless. This change will not affect the appearance of your bills, so they will be as easy to understand and review as they are now!

Did you know you can set-up automatic billing and payments? Learn more about this on our blog or call us for more information.

Contact us to verify your account’s settings for billing and payment. Transitioning to automatic billing and payment is simple! All we need is a valid email address, credit card on file, and a request by you to switch to automatic payment. There will be no change to the appearance of your bills. They will be as easy to understand and review as they are now! You will receive invoices and matching receipt amounts for your records.

We are always looking for different ways to Go Green! Contact us to let us know you are choosing to Go Green with Noble Gas Solutions.