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Noble Gas Solutions is more than your local gas supplier. We partner with businesses to find the right solution for you. After over 80 years of business, our knowledge and experience enables us to develop a deeper understanding of your industry’s requirements to successfully meet the needs of your business.

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Gas Supply Equipment

We offer a variety of gas equipment catered to your applications. Whether it’s coordinating a new project site, installation of equipment or meeting your product certifications; we’ll get the job done to ensure your processes work smoothly. We make gas our business so you can focus on yours.

  • Cylinder Carts & Storage
  • Gas Panels & Cabinets
  • Leads & Hoses
  • Valves & Fittings
  • Filters & Purifiers
  • Gas Generators
  • Gas Detectors

Gas Regulators

Noble Gas Solutions provides you with an array of options when it comes to gas regulating equipment. Our product line includes stainless steel, brass, and oxy-clean regulators that fit your needs. It’s important to know the application to select the right regulator.

Single Stage Regulators are ideal for point of use installations on a site-wide distribution system, or for short periods of gas usage. If the single-stage regulator is left unadjusted, output pressure will increase as the gas pressure in a cylinder decreases while it empties.

Dual-Stage Regulators are ideal for applications where gas flow is on for a long period of time and pressure should remain constant. Dual staged regulators are designed for constant outlet pressure and flow, even as the pressure in the cylinder declines as it empties product.

Additional Gas Regulating Equipment:

  • Flowmeters
  • Line Regulation
  • Protocol Station

Not all gas regulators are made the same. Regulators should not be interchanged from one gas service to another or it can create quality issues in your final products, processes, and equipment. Noble Gas Solutions’ technical service team can help you select the correct gas regulating equipment to avoid quality and safety issues. We proudly provide Albany, NY, and the surrounding areas regulators for medical gas, lab gas, and other applications.

Gas Monitoring (Telemetry)

Noble Gas Solutions offers gas monitoring solutions to ensure stability in your gas supply. Gas telemetry is technology designed to monitor supply levels of certain gas or cryogenic liquid levels. Depletion of gas can cause a shutdown which can be extremely costly, disruptive, and unsafe. By monitoring supply levels, you can eliminate the chance of gas run-outs and reduce unnecessary delivery charges. Telemetry units can be added to all gas packaging including; cylinders, portable dewars, gas packs, and bulk tanks.

Remote Monitoring

Remote telemetry monitors supply levels of gas and cryogenic liquid products, reporting the information remotely to the desired location. Industries that require an uninterrupted source of gas to operate efficiently benefit most from remote telemetry units. Remote monitoring systems allow you to improve asset utilization, optimize delivery logistics, and understand usage rates.

Supply level information can be reported to an internal user and directly to your gas supplier to provide a “never” run out strategy. Telemetry sensors retain a small footprint that fits in facilities both small and large. Remote monitoring is simple to use and easy to set up.


  • Uninterrupted Source of Gas
  • Customized Alert Levels
  • Automatic Ordering
  • Reporting Analysis
  • Delivery Savings
  • Live Updates

Digital Monitoring

Digital Telemetry allows you to read current gas and cryogenic levels at the source of supply. This simple solution provides supply level readings that are easy to understand. Digital supply monitoring prevents disruptions to production. This form of telemetry retains a small footprint that fits well in a facility of any size. Eliminate the chance of run-outs with accurate gas level readings


  • Live Readings
  • Inexpensive
  • Easy to Use
  • Durable

We work for you!

Over 80 years of experience partnering with businesses to provide the ideal solution. We offer a consultative approach to ensure the equipment and solutions recommended are aligned with your business model. Our technical sales team works closely with customers to provide the best solutions to optimize applications and processes. The Noble support team continues to partner with companies beyond the installation to ensure the safe use of equipment. We offer a comprehensive single source service package that facilitates the growth of your business.


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