Specialty Gas Lab: Precise, Reliable, and Timely

Specialty Gas LabNoble’s specialty gas lab located at our Albany facility was designed with you in mind. We’ve invested in equipment necessary to allow us to detect and analyze for a large number of gas impurities, ensuring that your specifications are met.  One such piece of equipment is the revolutionary Digital Lab Assistant (DLA).  The DLA is fully integrated with our cylinder filling processes, which means that we are able to sample, analyze, and record results in-line with precision and certainty. However, our investment in a high-tech lab doesn’t end there. Our laboratory’s annual certification and accreditation to the ISO 17025:2017 standard is something that we take pride in and only further ensures that our laboratory’s methods, reports, and personnel are those that our customers can rely on.


By having a specialty gas laboratory on site, Noble customers can count on these benefits:

  • Reliable Results
  • Reduced product lead times
  • Lower Cost Gases
  • Custom Blend Capabilities
  • Certificates of Analyses
  • Knowledgeable Representatives


The local production of gas to your specific requirements provides the flexibility and reliability that specialty gas applications demand.  We service customers across a wide spectrum of industries; from manufacturers of foods, beverages, and pharmaceuticals to medical and environmental laboratories.

At Noble, we know that gas specifications and their applications are equally as important as the selection of the appropriate gas delivery system for your needs.  The proper selection of both will maintain the integrity of your custom gas standards and will maintain the level of efficiency of your facility.  In the case of high purity gases, the selection and assembly of the gas delivery system is crucial.

Learn more about Noble’s specialty gas capabilities and contact us to discuss how we can work with you.