Specialty Gas and Software Training for the Future

Noble Gas Solutions knows that in the technological age, one must stay at the forefront to avoid falling behind. Keeping up-to-date with innovations is what keeps Noble Gas Solutions ahead of the competition in quality and service. We focus on the highest quality products for our customers, that’s why purchasing Weldcoa’s Digital Lab Assistant and Automated Fill Island with palletization was a no-brainer for us!

We know that the more advance the technology, the more training is required. This past month, Noble Gas Solutions sent two team members for training in Montana and Illinois. These training sessions focused on specialty gas lab testing and our company’s computer software, TIMS. While everyone at our corporate office missed them dearly, the knowledge gained proved to be invaluable on their very first days back.

Quality Control: Specialty Gas Analysis

On the outskirts of Chicago, Illinois our Lab & Quality Manager, Matthew Reasor, spent the week at Weldcoa’s facility. Here he learned about gravimetric blending and DID gas chromatography to ensure continued high-quality lab analysis of our specialty gases. As Noble Gas Solutions focuses more on the specialty gas aspect of business, the skills acquired at Precision Gas University will continue to come in handy.Reasor attending Specialty Gas Training at Precision Gas University

Reasor immediately put his knowledge to use upon his return to Noble Gas Solutions. He has since applied his training to our specialty gas lab analysis. The results have generated higher accuracy in gas certifications for our specialty gas users with strict specifications. And there is still more to come…

Noble Gas will soon be rolling out an automated way to fill our customers’ needs, reducing risk of human error! This process would include electronic testing, decreasing the chance of contamination. Under Reasor’s guidance, Noble Gas will be blending gases at a higher capacity and accuracy in connection with our Automatic Fill Island. In the day and age where technology is King, Noble Gas Solutions is ready to play.

As the saying goes, “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, and it wasn’t all business for our Lab & Quality Manager. Reasor connected with Weldcoa staff and talked industry, products, and personal life. He familiarized himself with the products we use in our own warehouse from the makers themselves. Staying outside of Chicago, Reasor was able to stroll around Wind City and enjoy the sights on his down time.

Purity Plus: Creating Solutions with Fellow Distributors

Shortly after Reasor’s excursion out to Chicago, Noble Gas Solutions sent him to Syracuse for Purity Plus training. This 3-day Purity Plus training focused on safety, uncertainty, regulations, and sampling techniques. He was joined by lab technicians from across the nation, facing similar obstacles as ourselves. Here was the perfect opportunity to bounce ideas off of each other, in hopes to finding a resolution. In essence, it was a sort of Purity Plus think-tank!

This training period gave Matthew Reasor some insight into the future of Noble Gas Solutions.  While Noble Gas Solutions has greatly expanded its gas business in the past few years, there is always room for improvement! Reasor exchanged information and come up with ideas to expand the company’s reach in specialty gas. Noble Gas Solutions will continue to improve techniques used to sample and fill specialty gases. We want our customers to have the highest quality product and service in the industry.

Computer Software: Streamlined and Mobile

Noble Gas Solutions’ computer software, TIMS, helps streamline all inter-departmental processes and maintains all customer information in sync. Last month, we sent our Accounting Manager, Marina Livermore, and Lab & Quality Manager, Matthew Reasor, to Billings, Montana for software training. This week provided training for mobile integration and ways to maximize our software usage. Our TIMS software is used from the moment a customer places an order, to delivery at your doorstep, to billing and payment. It’s what holds the distribution process together!

This training was quickly applied in our Accounting department’s billing process to ensure accuracy and timeliness. Marina Livermore’s main focus was continuing to tie in our Advanced Cylinder Management technology into all aspects of TIMS. By doing so, we can better synchronize our Operations, Customer Service, and Accounting teams. This ensures the highest quality service and customer satisfaction. We want you to continue to enjoy the Noble Experience!

The TIMS training helped prepare Matthew Reasor to integrate mobile tracking into our delivery system and general plant operations. Noble Gas Solutions tracks all cylinder movement from crib-to-cradle to ensure accurate rental billing for our customers. Accuracy and timeliness is the key to your happiness and what better way to ensure this than with a mobile device available to our Noble Team. Stay tuned for more updates and expected roll-out date for our mobile tracking system!