Another Suite Victory for the ValleyCats

Joseph L. Bruno Stadium's

The Suite Life of Joseph L. Bruno Stadium

After almost a week straight of torrential downpours, the skies cleared for an entertaining Tri-City ValleyCats vs. Hudson Valley Renegades game last week. The Joseph L. Bruno stadium was packed with eager fans of all ages. Everyone was waiting to see the ValleyCats win their fourth straight game and Noble Gas Solutions was a presence to be reckoned with.

Noble Gas Solutions team members, Christian Card, Matthew Catalfamo, and Jocelyn Merlo entertained a suite filled with friends, catching up on personal and industry news. There was no better way to spend a Thursday evening than watching America’s favorite past-time with friends, family, and colleagues. Our Noble team did just that, with a reserved suite, some tasty appetizers, and the attention of a friendly serving staff… it was a perfect night!

Noble Gas Wins BigNoble Gas Solutions and friends group picture

The Valley Cats were not the only ones to win big Thursday evening. Noble Gas had some visits from a mix of mascots, like Sammy Baseball , who successfully encouraged guests to celebrate and participate in all the fun games taking place throughout the night. One game in particular had fans going wild in the stands. The goal was simple, throw a tennis ball toward the center of the field. Whoever got closest to the bulls-eye, a colorful hula-hoop, was the winner.  The biggest challenge was the distance.

And the winner is…

One of Noble Gas’s very own friends was the only ValleyCat fan to make it into the hula-hoop. That is quite a throwing arm! The suite celebrated a great end to this victorious night with some ice-cream sundaes and a clear view of the lively fireworks show.

Our Noble team will be sure to visit again and celebrate another victory with the Tri-City ValleyCats, and some more friends!