The New Noble Experience

One year has gone by since Noble Gas Solutions moved into the new location at 10 Erie Boulevard in Albany, NY. The new building stands a few short blocks away from the previous company building, yet the difference has been HUGE!

The company’s space has tripled in size allowing room for bigger, innovative technology and safe movement of all hazardous materials. The new building is located at the entrance of Albany’s warehouse district and has set high expectations for Noble Gas Solutions. The company continues to roll out new procedures with safety, efficiency, and accuracy in mind. The new building may give Noble Gas a sleeker look on its exterior, but the company’s dedication to their customers remains the same. They continue ti encourage the area to “Experience the Noble Difference”.

One-of-a-Kind Technology

Automated Filling Island

The extra space at 10 Erie Boulevard has not been wasted. This space has allowed Noble Gas to become the first independent distributor on the East Coast to own Welcoa’s state-of-the-art Automated Filling Island. This island stands proudly in the middle of the warehouse, a sight to see without a doubt. It’s voice resonates loudly in the plant. This voice alerts Plant Manager, Bill Need, that the island is ready to fill the next batch of cylinders.

Complimenting this innovative fill process is Welcoa’s Digital Lab Assistant (DLA), the first of its kind! The DLA allows for easy readability of product levels and purity, facilitating the communication between the Specialty Lab and fill stations. Noble Gas has successfully spent the past few years expanding its specialty gas and bulk business, investing time and money into the process of filling every customer’s order in a timely and accurate manner.

Safety is a Priority

Noble Gas prioritizes the safety of their employees and customers. For this reason, new equipment, policy, and signage can be seen while visiting the Albany store. The newest feature to Noble Gas Solutions’ Albany store is the cylinder ramp. This ramp is the newest feature to our customer pick-up area, next to the building’s main entrance. Noble team members can now easily move cylinders in and out of vehicles with a push of a button.

The warehouse is constantly buzzing with movement of people, vehicles, and equipment. Noble Gas has integrDave and Aggie in Specialty Gas Labated checkpoints throughout their facility to slow down traffic and ensure safe crossing across the warehouse floor. The company is continuing to double down on efforts to improve the customer experience and quality of their distribution services. We can expect to see more technology and processes to be rolled out in the coming months.

To read more about the future of Noble Gas Solutions or our new building located at 10 Erie Boulevard check out our magazine feature by Welding & Gases Today written by Agnes Baker, who Noble Gas happily welcomed into our home a year ago today.