Candy Corn Guessing Game Winner Revealed!

Candy Corn Guessing Game Set-UpFor the month of October, we had some friendly competition taking place at Noble Gas Solutions. The way to win – pure luck! Our Noble Team had 30 days to guess how many candy corn candy pieces were inside of a jar for a chance to win a gift card to Cider Belly Donuts in Albany, NY.

Our  Noble Team sure loves the donuts at Cider Belly, its our top requested treat from our employees. The guessing game turn out was fantastic! Every team member took a shot at guessing the amount of candy corn pieces. The jar stood in the lunch room, taunting our team with the grand prize in mind. We received guesses as low as 285 and as high as 777! After much time spent counting, there was a total of 748 pieces of candy in the jar. No better way to spend National Candy Corn Day!

And the winner is…Matt - winner of guessing game

Our Accounts Payable Specialist, Matt Morreale, took home the prize! He came in with a guess of 777 pieces. That’s only 29 pieces off – great accuracy! Perhaps it should have come as no surprise that one of our Accounting team members would be the one to win in a number game.

First runner up was our dedicated Plant Assistant, Melvin Ward, with a guess of 610 candy corn pieces. Our Purchasing & Inventory Specialist, Chris Brignola, was a close second runner up with a guess of 544 pieces. To the rest of our team at Noble Gas Solutions… better luck next time!

Congratulations, Matt! Don’t forget the rest of us when you are munching on those tasty donuts and a hot beverage. Thanks to our entire Noble Team for participating, we hope you had as much fun as we did!