Dry Ice Manufacturer in Albany, NY

Do you know that Noble Gas Solution is the only dry ice manufacturer within 150 miles of Albany, NY? Where you purchase your dry ice can greatly impact the quality of your product. Fresh is best! Don’t waste your time, or money, buying dry ice from resellers, whose product may have endured long travel times to get to a retail store near you.

Do you know how long ago your dry ice was manufactured? Our dry ice is manufactured every weekday in our Albany, NY plant, ensuring top quality product for our customers. The quality of dry ice diminishes as time goes by, so make sure it’s fresh! We sell dry ice for commercial and personal use – you can walk into our store and have dry ice within minutes. Yes, it’s really that easy!

What is Dry Ice?dry ice pellets

Simply put, dry ice is the solid form of carbon dioxide gas. Dry ice is a non-toxic, completely dry substance that produces virtually no by-product. It is often used as reliable cooling agent due to its extremely low temperature of -109° F.

Unlike normal ice that melts into a puddle of water, dry ice sublimates. Sublimation is the process of a solid form going directly into a gaseous form, while skipping the liquid state entirely. What does this mean to you? Dry ice is mess free! Dry ice skips over its liquid form, turning into carbon dioxide gas instead. So there is no puddle to clean after use!

Dry Ice commonly comes in three forms; fine rice, cylindrical pellets, or blocks. The type of dry ice needed may vary by application. We recommend users research what form is most commonly used for your intended application. We have included a chart of dry ice forms below, along with most common applications.

Table: Dry Ice Sizes – Suggested Applications

Dry Ice Sizes Table




There are so many uses for dry ice; it’s hard to name them all! We encourage you to research your application’s needs. Then, reach out to our Sales and Customer Service team for any questions!

Fresh is Best!

We manufacture dry ice in our Albany, NY warehouse every weekday. You can be certain that dry ice you pick-up in our Albany store has come straight from our dry ice station, produced that same day! Not all local retail stores can promise this. Noble Gas Solutions has rental bins that hold vast quantities of dry ice, starting at 1500lbs and up! We can also package quantities as small as 5lbs. for customers whose applications only require a small amount of product.

It is estimated that you lose approximately 10% of dry ice product every 24 hours. This estimation varies slightly, based on the composition and surface area of the dry ice. This means that a dry ice block would typically last longer than dry ice pellets, if under the same conditions. The rate of sublimation could also be impacted by the storage container it is kept in. We always recommend that our walk-in customers bring in their own well-insulated cooler for smaller amounts of dry ice.

When there is a local manufacturer of dry ice in your own neighborhood, why buy from a store being shipped supply from miles away? Fresh is best! Noble Gas Solutions focuses on quality, and lost product does not have to be your product. Let us provide you with dry ice that is freshly made just for you!

How can I purchase Dry Ice? 

We have dry ice available for pick-up or delivery from Albany, NY. Dry Ice can be purchased by customers for personal or commercial use, no paperwork required! We simply ask walk-in customers bring in their own well-insulated cooler or bin for dry ice storage. This will keep your product fresh while it is in transportation. Looking to pick-up in Kingston, NY? Just call our Kingston Branch to learn about dry ice pick-up and delivery.

Walking into our Albany store? Simply go to the counter and ask for dry ice! You’ll need to specify the type of dry ice product you’d like; rice, cylindrical pellets, or blocks. Within minutes, you’ll be walking out of our store with dry ice in hand!

Ordering for delivery? You can call our store or email us to place an order. We will confirm your next delivery day and you’ll have dry ice right at your door! All orders must be placed during our normal business hours to ensure timeliness.

Ordering from Kingston, NY? We kindly request all orders for pick-up or delivery be placed 24 to 48 hours prior to the time it will be needed. This ensures that we can have a delivery scheduled, or a pick-up ready, as close to your application time as possible.

Please ensure you take the right precautions when handling dry ice. Read here for more dry ice handling safety tips.