Job Posting: Business Development Manager

Position Title: Business Development Manager

Reporting To: Vice President of Sales

Position Overview

Noble Gas Solutions is looking for someone to fill the role of Business Development Manager. This person would need to build new business, sustain existing accounts and drive a dynamic client experience. Noble consistently aims to increase market share by championing efficiency, creativity and innovation. Among others, their clients come from manufacturing, construction, medical (both clinical and research applications), pharmaceutical and life sciences, as well as environmental sciences and more.

Due to continued growth, product/service improvement initiatives, there is a need to recruit. In many ways, this Business Development Manager will be very important to the company both now and in the years to come.

While the industry is technical, many employees come from a diverse set of industry backgrounds. Industry experience is not our chief focus. Instead, we will prioritize candidates who have strong sales fundamentals, work ethic and future potential.

Main Job Duties

  • Use your knowledge of sales and buying habits of the target market to acquire new business.
  • Prioritize having positive client interactions and be able to engage clients with empathy and expertise, while still approaching prospects and clients as business opportunities.
  • Manage a sales cycle in a way that creates personalized experiences for clients that extend beyond competitor service platforms.
  • Improve upon existing processes using client knowledge, consistent learning and generalized knowledge of sales.

Desired Experience, Skills and Professional Philosophy in the Candidate

The ideal applicant should have:

  • 3+ years of sales experience, including both phone and in-person.
  • Experience closing deals in person, as well as working a full sales cycle.
  • Experience expanding on existing accounts.
  • Preferred, experience in a related industry, though not required.
  • A passion for learning new products and communicating their details effectively.
  • Desire to naturally steer the sales process and move it toward a decision.
  • Motivation and resolve to take initiative and execute objectives.

A Corporate Culture That Promotes Success and Happiness

Preserving a corporate culture that has always stressed improvement, success and personal happiness is very important to Noble Gas Solutions. Much of our success to a few core beliefs:

  • Improvement is an ongoing process
  • Employees should work in unison as a team, never against one another
  • Fun and focus should both be main ingredients of a work day
  • Members of the company should communicate with one another in an honest, open-minded manner


Having employees who are financially well-off and have the opportunity to create wealth for themselves over the years is of the utmost priority.

Many of the following details will be discussed in more detail as the process goes on. Though, here is a very brief overview of salary, benefits offered, vacation days given and any other perks at Noble Gas Solutions:

  • Base Salary
  • Incentivized Compensation (Commission)
  • Company Vehicle
  • Comprehensive Benefits (Health, Dental, 401k)
  • PTO


High school diploma or general education degree (GED).


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