Witch’s Brew Punch Bowl: DIY with Dry Ice

Are you throwing a Halloween bash and want to scare your guests into having a good time? Prepare a Witch’s Brew Punch bowl for all your guests to enjoy! These simple to follow DIY instructions will create a spooky fog like effect that your guests are sure to enjoy and it keeps your punch cool as (dry) ice!

Materials:Witch and vampire brewing potions

  • 1 large bowl
  • 1 small bowl – should be half the size of large bowl
  • dry ice pellets
  • warm water
  • your choice of punch
  • gloves and/or tongs
  • protective eyewear

Easy DIY Instructions:

  1. Mix your punch, at your taste, into the smaller bowl and place it into the larger bowl. The small bowl should sit comfortably into the larger bowl with no risk of spillage.
  2. Using tongs, or thick gloves, place some dry ice pellets into the large bowl, surrounding your small punch bowl.
  3. Pour warm water into the larger bowl, careful not to fill over the smaller punch bowl inside.
  4. Serve your witch’s brew to your party guests and watch them enjoy the spooky effects of dry ice!
  5. Fill punch bowl as needed. Fill water bowl with dry ice and warm water as needed.


Your final product will be a perfect photo opportunity, but so is the experience! Follow these simple DIY instructions to have your witch’s brew be the talk of the town! Don’t forget to tag Noble Gas Solutions so we can continue to improve our customer experience.

Make sure to follow all of the proper safety tips before handling dry ice. Noble Gas Solutions manufactures dry ice every weekday at our Albany, NY location, walk-ins welcomed! Contact us for information on purchasing dry ice pellets for your Halloween festivities.